Behind The Blog: Who Am I?

Hi everyone! I’m Niamh, and for all you non-Irish readers it’s pronounced like Nev. (Yes, Nev and Max from Catfish. I may or may not be obsessed). Today’s post is going to be all about letting you guys get to know me a bit better!

I’m 20 years old, from a small town in the east of Ireland. I live at home with my Mam and Dad, although I have an older brother and sister. I am the youngest of the kids, with my siblings being eight and nine years older. My brother, like a lot of people from his generation, emigrated to Canada a good few years back,  so as much as we clashed heads when he was here, I do miss him a lot. Luckily my sister still lives here and I get to see her every week. My sister has influenced me a lot since I was a child in terms of style, music, interests, the list goes on. I pretty much wanted to be her when I was a child and I think she secretly knew that I was obsessed with her and her friends, which when I look back on it, is probably really embarrassing.


image1 (1).JPG


I finished school in 2015, a year later than I should have as I repeated my second last year for personal reasons, which is definitely a story for another time. Secondary school was a tough time for me and I actually completed my final year in a new school, which was probably the best decision I have made to date. I made most of my close friends while I was in that school, including my boyfriend Gavin. We have been together for the last three years, and he is my lifeline. I have a small amount of friends which is the way I like it, I think everyone would rather quality friends over the quantity of friends. I have grown and realized that a friendship that is one-sided is not a friendship at all, so I am completely content with my small group of friends, who are more like family at this stage.


I have always been obsessed with makeup and beauty, which is why I originally started this blog. I knew and still know that I’m not particularly good at writing or blogging but that will hopefully change as I learn and grow. I was inspired by people around me and the other blogs I read to just dive head first and put myself out there, which is not really a me-thing to do. I’m a nervous person, always afraid that people are judging me, talking about me. Not to say I’m self-centered, I’m just an anxious girl ever since I was little. I find new things difficult so for this blog to be created and actually used is an achievement in itself for me. Even if I never gain a following, I will forever remember the courage it took for me to press that publish button for the first time. And every time since.


I am obsessed with anything true-crime. Whether that be books, documentaries, movies, anything. My dream job is to become a Prison Officer, however waiting for the recruitment to open isn’t exactly paying the bills. I’m not sure what fascinates me the most about criminals and their lives, or even why I take an interest. I just always have, and have always been very inquisitive. I enjoy asking questions, finding out why things happened the way they did, maybe that’s it. Even as a young teen in school I recall a teacher saying to my Mam at a meeting “Niamh always likes to ask why, it challenges me.” I guess she didn’t like that part of me very much, oh well. I didn’t like her very much either. Like I said, school was a tough time.

I have had some moments in life where I have felt like giving up, I have left people behind that did more damage than good, but I did not realize it at the time. I have been a college drop out, twice. I have been places that I never want to return to, and I have vowed that I won’t. I have turned my mind into a place of imagination, of dreams and wishes. I hope one day I will reach them dreams but I won’t give up, ever. I have people around me who care and want me to succeed, and eventually I will. I’m pushing myself further each day, and not a day goes by where I don’t cast my mind back to when I was 15, awkward and not knowing if I really wanted a future at all. But here I am, and I’m so glad I stayed around for the long run.

courage (1).jpg

I’m a fun-loving person, I enjoy adventure and being with my friends. I love going out on the weekend, dressing up and acting stupid. Being care-free. That is one thing I have learned to do, although it’s challenging, sometimes it’s best to let go of your worries and just live in the moment. In real life it is difficult not being where you want to be but coming on here and using this blog as if I have tens of thousands of followers gives me a feeling of passion and drive like no other. I hope that one day I can look back and laugh at how I didn’t really think this would go anywhere. I try to live life to the fullest and go in with open arms, life is too short to not take a moment and appreciate what you have.

If you stayed until the end, I commend you. This post went deeper than I expected to write, however I’m not ashamed to say I struggled and still do struggle. It is a human thing to do, and nobody should be afraid to admit it.

I hope it gave you an insight into my life and my personality a bit more, although I still have so much more to tell. If you have any questions you can ask away!

Thank you for reading.

Love Always,

Niamh x


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