Hey guys,

So it’s been a long time since I made a post, and since then I’ve been doing some thinking about the direction I want to take this blog. Of course I still love beauty, and will talk about it probably more often than not, however the feel and nature of lashout – all things beauty is limiting me to talk specifically on beauty topics.

I want to create a space where I can talk about my life, my journeys, the ups and downs, uncensored. There is only so much I can write about reviews, makeup and beauty at the moment as I am only 20 years old without a large income, so I can’t buy a lot of products to test and subsequently discuss with you.

I have grown as a person, becoming interested in a lot more than just beauty. Not to say that I don’t love makeup and the like anymore, just that I have a lot more to say. I would like to discuss my life, the trials and tribulations of a young adult in today’s society. If I go on a journey, I want to take you with me and share my experiences. If I start something new, I want to be able to come on here and tell the small amount of followers I have.

This will be new, and I don’t really know how to go from here. But I will figure it out, and want to make this a journey for all of us. Hopefully this will grow, as I will too.

Thank you for reading, and I am aware that this is a very small blog in relation to the others out there. So if anyone does actually care, I appreciate you.

Thank you once again, I will be a lot more active on here now. There will be small changes, a name change coming in the near future, and new topics to talk about.

Hope you all have been doing well,

Love Always,

Niamh x


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