Beauty Products NOT Worth The Hype!

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been really busy in life the last couple of days and haven’t been feeling the best so I thought I’d try my best to write a good blog post! Today’s post is going to be directed towards all the beauty products I find to be a disappointment, or not worth the hype they received.

*Just because these products did not work for me or my skin, does not mean they’re bad products, it just means personally I did not like them! I mean no harm or disrespect to any brand or product mentioned here*

Let’s get started!


The first product I’m going to mention is the Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Push Up liner. I first got my hands on this product in a Benefit Gift Set which also came with a mini Porefessional Primer, Hoola bronzer, Rockateur blush and a few other bits and pieces. My favourite eye look is always accompanied with a wing so I was immediately drawn to the liner, and it’s sister product, the mascara.

What didn’t I like about the liner? I found that the applicator tip was extremely flimsy, although the shape would have made it simple to apply the perfect wing, it was as if every time I tried to apply the product the applicator bent and made it twice as difficult! Also, the formula was extremely dry and skipped over my eye creating a patchy and awful mess, which nobody wants. Ever. The formula is also so drying, almost immediately when you apply the product it dries so there is absolutely no room for error at all. When I tried to go over the jagged-edges of my laughable liner, it just became patchy and the more I tried to fix it the worse it got. It’s a no from me!

What didn’t I like about the mascara? Unfortunately I also found that the shape of the mascara wand was just too difficult and to be honest, I didn’t really understand the concept. Although the formula of this mascara was excellent, the wand just made it a nuisance to apply. These two Benefit products certainly fall into the over-hyped products in my books!


So by now we have all heard of this foundation, this was probably the most talked about drugstore product I’ve ever seen. From high end beauty guru’s such as NikkieTutorials to us common folk, everyone wanted to get their hands on this. When I finally did purchase this product I was so looking forward to getting that beautiful matte finish with total coverage. Unfortunately I was so disappointed. This formula applied beautifully, but within seconds became a patchy disaster. It oxidized like crazy and because I’m so pale, truly became an orange mess. I’ll pass on this one!


Now, I can’t say that I necessarily dislike this product, but compared to other palettes I’ve owned and used, it seriously lacks pigmentation. It also tends to apply patchy and chalky, and I feel that the shimmer shades are less than disappointing. This product was talked about a lot when it was released, and I was actually given it as a birthday gift, which is always much appreciated. The shades in this palette do not work well on my eyes, in fact, the only shade I regularly use from this palette is a deep chocolate brown shade, Whiskey. Overall, I found that this product performs to a lesser degree compared to the other Naked palettes, and I would say that I reach for this shadow palette the least out of my collection.


I think we all know by now that KJ is definitely the matte-lip queen, her extensive makeup range has not stopped growing since it was released a couple of years back. Now, the opinion I have on this product is not the same for each shade, only the color Ginger. I purchased this kit after a long and painful wait, as I had my eyes on it for a while. When it finally arrived I was ecstatic, and rushed to my vanity to apply it. It primarily applied smoothly and opaque, but as I tried to layer it throughout the day it just crumbled, caked and cracked. The colour was 100% not what it seemed it was going to be on her website, personally I thought it looked quite red/burnt orange, as the shade name ginger might portray. Unfortunately it turned out to be a very deep brown shade with a tiny hint of orange which was so unflattering on me, although this may be down to Kylie not having an extremely pale model for her demo photos. Looking back, I would only purchase nude-shades from Kylie’s range as I don’t feel her darker shades sit well on the lip. Major disappointment.

So guys and gals that’s it! Do you agree or are some of these products your holy grail?

Let me know!

Love Always,

Niamh x


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