Youtubers Worth Following

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you who I think is worth subscribing to on Youtube, they are mostly beauty guru’s and makeup channels, with one who falls into other community! Either way, these are my favourite channels, the one’s who cheer me up when I’m down, the one’s I watch religiously, and the one’s who always make my day!

Let’s get started!



Sophdoesnails, or Sophie, is a UK based Youtuber, who primarily focused on her intricate nail designs from the beginning. As her channel progressed, so did her following, and she began to broaden her horizons and reach further. She began doing makeup tutorials, DIY’s, hauls, reviews and more. Sophie has over 270,000 subscribers on youtube an boasts a 58K insta following. She is one of the most interactive youtuber’s I have ever came across, as she is constantly liking and replying to her thousands of fan’s tweets. Sophie comes across as humble, down to earth and a completely gorgeous young woman. She has skyrocketed up my favourites list, and is tied at number 1 with the following MUA.

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I have spoke about my love for MannyMUA in my previous blog post Beauty Icons & Inspirations, so if you would like to hear my thoughts on Maybelline’s first male ambassador, check it out!

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I have only recently discovered the beauty that is Jackie Aina, and all I can say is what have I been doing with my life? Jackie is honestly one of the funniest beauty guru’s I’ve ever watched. She reviews her products with brutal yet respectful honesty and is never afraid to admit if something does not work for her. She has a huge following of over 1 million subscribers with a further 84K on Twitter. Referring to herself online as La Bronze James, Jackie has recently collaborated with Artist Couture for a highlighter dubbed with the same title.

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Tati, or Glamlifeguru is a 35 year old from Seattle, US. She is best known for her crazy Youtube series ‘WTF?!’ where she puts products worthy of the what the f**k? title to the test, including extremely high end brands and overly expensive products, for example, $60 highlighters, $200 foundations and more. Tati is also great for showing the Youtube community amazing dupes and anywhere we can save our hard-earned money. In my opinion, Tati tells the honest truth at all times and anything she says is worth splurging on, definitely is! She holds a following of over 2.5 million subscribers on Youtube and some 250,000 on Twitter. Tati is one of the most reliable beauty guru’s out there at the moment.



This particular Youtuber does not fall into the beauty community whatsoever, although his girlfriend (who I will be speaking about later) definitely does. If you are only here to read about beauty guru’s, I advise you skip this guy and move on to the next! So, Charlie, better known as Wolfie by his fandom, is a Youtube comedian who boasts an immense following of over 5 million subscribers. His channel is mainly DIY’s, relentless pranking and his general lifestyle videos. Charlie rose to fame extremely fast when his video about How to unlock any iPhone without the password went viral. After this, his subs count just kept rising. The reason I am including Wolfieraps on this list is because although we all love seeing amazing glitter cut creases, a little bit of comedy and pranking never hurt anybody!



As I said previously, Sylvia Gani is Wolfieraps’ (above) girlfriend. She, along with her other half, are Canadian bred, and she holds a strong following of over 1 million on Youtube. She uploads a variety of videos, mainly focusing on reviews and like her boyfriend, DIY’s. Sylvia recently uploaded the full face using instagram hyped makeup tag which has over 850,000 views. She is an extremely humble and gorgeous girl and I hope her channel reaches a further and further audience, I’m wishing nothing but success for this woman!

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So guys, that’s it! They are my Youtuber’s worth following! Do you watch any of the above channels? Who do you think is worth subscribing to? Let me know!


Love Always,

Niamh x


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