Beauty Icons & Inspirations

Hey guys!

So, today is officially my birthday! I’m no longer a teen, which is kind of scary but hey, I’m not old yet! Or am I?! Even though it is my birthday, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to put out another post, this time being my beauty icons and inspirations. This post will hopefully showcase everywhere I draw my inspiration from!

Let’s get started!

AMRA OLEVIC // ig: amrezy // sc: amrezy

Amra, or Amrezy more commonly known, is a makeup artist that has blown up over the past few years. She exudes beauty and grace with a cut-throat ‘take no sh*t’ attitude, which is a combination that oddly works out. She is originally from Montenegro, yet resides in the US currently. From what I know, she started out with a small blog which ended around 2014, and rose to fame from Instagram which she then pursued full time. She currently holds a strong insta-following of 5.2 million, and showcases her stunning looks with great confidence. What do I like most about Amrezy?  It has to be her attitude to makeup and life, Amra doesn’t seem to care what other people think, which a lot of people strive to do, yet the confidence shown from this particular MUA just melts through our screens.

Image result for AMREZY 2016

ALINA // ig: makeupbyalinna // sc: makeupbyalinnaa

Alina, another Instagram MUA, is from Toronto, Canada. She is completely self-taught with an insta-following of 1.4 million. Her instagram yet again showcases her beautiful creations, including extremely versatile hair and makeup. She shows her following her gorgeous doll-like features quite often, providing us with a feeling of awe, and if the truth be known slight envy. She is an advocate of many brands, including the famous Bellami hair extensions. What do I like most? I really love the fact that makeupbyalinna is self taught with such a strong following. Like many modern MUA’s, she has no professional training which is becoming a lot more socially acceptable.

Image result for makeupbyalinna

MANNY GUTIERREZ // ig: mannymua733 // sc: mannymua // youtube: mannymua733

Manny Gutierrez or better known as MannyMua is a 25 year old male makeup artist. He is extremely well known and loved around the world, with a youtube following of over 2 million. He rose to fame after posting his first video in July of 2014 and quickly blew up on Youtube. In his first eight months he gained over 200,000 followers. Manny has collaborated with brands such as MakeupGeek, Ofra Cosmetics and Gerard Cosmetics, including a limited edition eyeshadow palette, liquid lipsticks and has since become Maybelline’s first male ambassador! He portrays himself as a friendly, humble and down to earth person who has a vast knowledge of beauty.

Image result for manny mua


So guys that’s it! These beauty guru’s are my top three icons and inspirations. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Who are your favourite gurus? Let me know below!

Love Always,

Niamh x


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